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[Eco-Lyfe] Snack Bento Box Set (90ml & 180ml)

[Eco-Lyfe] Snack Bento Box Set (90ml & 180ml)

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Premium Food Grade Silicone


Freezer Safe
Dishwasher Safe
Microwave friendly
Oven Safe & Air Fryer Safe/Can be use to steam food


Dimensions: 6.4cm x 6.4cm x 4cm / 8.4cm x 8.4cm x 5cm
Volume: 90ml & 180ml


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Improve Freshness and Organization with our [Eco-Lyfe] Snack Box Set!

A snack box is a practical solution for extending the lifespan of your food. Not only that, it can also help keep your fridge clean and tidy. This designated snack space will allow you to quickly locate your favourite treats without worrying about spills or messes. Additionally, a snack box can be a great on-the-go option for convenient snacking.

Some common snacks that can be included in a snack bento box are fruits, nuts, crackers, and cheese. It can be a healthy and convenient way to satisfy hunger and keep energy levels up throughout the day.

Keeping baby food in [Eco-Lyfe] Snack box Set

Keeping baby food in a snack box can be a convenient way to make sure your little one is fed when you're on the go. Choose a box that is the right size for the amount of food you need to bring and is easy to clean.

Pro tip: Remember to label the container with the contents and date to ensure freshness and avoid confusion.


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