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[Eco-Lyfe] Little Bento Box 1.0

[Eco-Lyfe] Little Bento Box 1.0

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Certified Food Grade Silicone
BPA Free


Microwave friendly
Dishwasher Safe
Freezer Safe
Oven Safe & Air Fryer Safe
Safe for steaming food


Dimensions: 18.6cm(L) x 14cm(W) x 6.5cm(H)
Volume: ~800ml to 1L


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Our [Eco-Lyfe] Little Bento Box is a high-quality, reusable, and eco-friendly lunch box. 

Want a lunch box with compartments so that you can separate your different foods?

With 3 separate compartments, it is excellent for packed lunches for work, school, picnics. No need to use any foil or plastic wrappers means lesser wastage! 

A complimentary [Eco-Lyfe] pouch will be given to Bundle of 2

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Simple Bento Lunch

Main Dish: Mashed Potato

Side Dishes: Korean Kimchi & Berries

Whether enjoyed at a picnic or after a post gym workout, Korean lunchboxes are a tasty and convenient way to satisfy your cravings! Don’t forget to include your fruits and veggies 🥰

Easy kids lunch ideas

Main dish: Cute Panda Bao 🐼

Side dishes: Siew Mai & Grapes/Strawberries

The portion sizes are perfect for kids, helping them to eat a balanced meal without overeating. The perfect size for your kid's school lunch!

The compact size of these Bento 1.0 make them easy to pack and transport.

Easy Snack Box

Main Dish: Pandan Cake

Side Dishes: Sausage Bun & Berries

Effortless snack box that includes pandan cake, sausage bun, and fresh berries.

Making it perfect for on-the-go snacking or as a quick and easy treat at home.

Easy Korean Bento

Main Dish: Kimchi Gimbap

Side Dishes: Tteokbokki & Orange slices

Re-creating a Korean bento lunch! Obviously need a bento box for this, so here's the Eco-lyfe bento box 1.0 (750ML) in Dusty Blue💙

Packed some Kimchi Gimbap, which is a Korean dish made from cooked rice, sheets of seaweed and vegetables/meats, served in bite sized pieces. In the smaller compartments, there's some Tteokbokki, which is spicy Korean rice cakes, and orange slices! 😋

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sarah Hicks

The best Tupperware/ containers ever. Got one in each style and use every day

Nice size for my little one to bring a variety of snacks

Nice size for my little one to bring a variety of snacks to school everyday. Safer than plastic or glass, easy to clean and store too. Highly recommended!

Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

Such beautiful colours and the perfect set up to my overnight oats. I’m now able to keep my granola/dried fruits separate and all in one cute bento that makes me look forward to my meal! Saves you so much hassle and extra packaging!